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          The PIKE Technologies Demountable Liquid Cell is ideal for qualitative
          and quantitative analysis of liquid samples where it is desirable
          to optimize the pathlength for varying samples. Furthermore the
          Demountable Liquid Cell is well suited for samples where it is
          useful to disassemble the cell for cleaning. A wide variety of
          window types and spacer pathlengths are available. Window types
          are available to cover mid-IR, NIR, and far-IR spectral regions and
          sample composition from organic to aqueous.
          The PIKE Technologies Demountable Liquid Cell is designed
          with a standard 2" x 3" plate for use with all FTIR spectrometers.
          The needle plate includes Luer-Lok? fittings for easy syringe
          filling of the sample. The window size is 32 x 3 mm and the
          clear aperture of the cell is 13 mm.

          62-1100 Demountable Liquid Cell Holder
          Includes: cell holder, gaskets, and one complete set
          of spacers – select windows below
          Notes: Requires selection of windows – below. Please select 2 syringes below for
          filling the demountable liquid cell.
          Demountable Liquid Cell Windows
          (must select minimum of 1 Plain and 1 Drilled)
          P A R T N U M B E R
          D E S C R I P T I O N P L A I N D R I L L E D
          2 160-1147 160-1146
          2 160-1143 160-1142
          Ge 160-1137 160-1136
          KBr 160-1132 160-1131
          KRS-5 160-1126 160-1125
          NaCl 160-1122 160-1121
          Polyethylene 160-5216 160-5215
          Si 160-1159 160-1158
          ZnSe 160-1113 160-1112
          Notes: Above windows are 32 x 3 mm disks. For window compatibility please consult
          the Materials Properties information on page 105 of this catalog. For additional
          window selections please see page 96.
          Demountable Liquid Cell Spacers (Optional)
          P A T H L E N G T H ( M M ) P A R T N U M B E R
          0.015 162-1210
          0.025 162-1220
          0.050 162-123


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